Couponing Packet

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Couponing Packet

Aarn Farmer
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Printables Package - 30 pages

Groceries You Can Freeze

This is a list of many types of groceries, fruits, and veggies that can be frozen and instructions on how to.

Coupon Lingo

All of the coupon abbreviations used in everyday coupons explained.

Printable Coupon Shopping List

This is a printable list with easy to fill in areas to help organize your shopping trip with coupons.

Price Book Sheet

This is a sheet to help you find the "buy price" you're looking for to know when products are at their best price and it's time to buy.

BOGO Chart

This printable will help you know how to handle using coupons when items are on BOGO.

What To Buy

This is a 12 month list of what products to buy each month to maximize your savings.

10 Consignment Sale Shopping Tips

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